With a 30% federal tax credit, now is an excellent time to GO SOLAR!


You don't have to be a hippie or a millionaire to take advantage of solar. You just have to be someone who is interested in saving money, or taking care of the planet - or a little bit of both. 

From a financial standpoint, an average system will be paid back in 7-8 years and save you tens of thousands of dollars in energy savings over the next 25 years (the warranty length of the panels). 

At Shaw Solar, we pride ourselves on staying current with the latest residential incentives and will make sure you have the necessary documentation to claim them. We're happy to discuss the ins and out further, but in short, the main incentive currently available is the 30% federal tax credit, which is 30% of the installed system cost with no cap. And you can spread out the claim of that credit over 3 years. That, combined with our prices remaining virtually untouched by the newly applied solar tariffs means now is still the perfect time to put solar on your home! 

Pricing Example:

An average home uses 22 kWh per day and at current LPEA rates, your bill would average $87 per month. A 5,000 watt (5.0 kW) system would make 100% of that power. The cost of installing a system that size is as follows:

A 5.0 kW system

 $16,250    Cost of system before rebates

  -$4,875    30% Federal tax credit

 $11,375   Net System Cost

Payment Options


Purchasing your system directly can maximize your savings. A small deposit is all you need to get started and you'll enjoy decades of low, predictable electric bills. 


Shaw Solar works with two lending partners to ensure everyone can enjoy the money-saving benefits of solar. For many customers, the combination of the loan payment and the remaining power bill is less than their previous electric bill.

$0 down
No lien on your home
No pre-payment penalties
Instant credit decision


Shaw Solar is happy to work with you if you have other financing options, like a home equity line of credit or third-party financing from your bank or credit union.


Get Your Free On-Site Solar Evaluation

What's included: a roof assessment, a customized system design, the cost breakdown including a calculation of your savings and return on investment, and a discussion on payment options. No hassle, no commitment.