Solar is a great investment for your business. Utility costs are expected to rise dramatically over the next decade, so lock in your energy rate now. Rebates, tax credits and depreciation add up to a 20+% return on your business investment.

Commercial Solar Benefits:

  • Protect your business against the rising cost of electricity.

In LPEA’s service area, energy rates have increased an average of 5% annually for the last twenty years. Tri-State Energy, LPEA’s power supplier, has projected that rates could increase 8-9% per year in the future. Install a system now and never worry about rate hikes again.

  • Obtain valuable tax credits and rebates.

Solar power is now more affordable and has more financial incentives for businesses than ever before. Take advantage of a 30% federal tax credit as well as solar's eligibility for accelerated depreciation.

  • Reduce your electric bill.

Regardless of your energy consumption, Shaw Solar can design and install a system that will significantly reduce the amount of electricity that you currently purchase.

  • Market your environmental responsibility.

Show your customers and the media that you are committed to environmentally sustainable and socially responsible business practices. Consumer demand for environmentally responsible business practices has never been greater.

  • Why choose Shaw Solar?

We are local and Federal rebate specialists. We have successfully applied for and received thirteen USDA Rural Energy for America Program grant funds for small businesses. We also have dedicated project managers that guarantee no details will be overlooked and that you will receive the best possible client service.

Our team has over 1,700 kW of installation experience, from residential systems all the way up to our 204 kW solar garden. Shaw Solar’s installation team has installed solar on every type and structure of roof possible. You should only trust your facility roof’s integrity to experienced professionals.