Even electrical grids can have an off day. . .

As we all know, a grid-connected solar array is a great way to save money on utility bills. However, only a system with battery backup can deliver true energy security and independence. Take your sound investment of solar to the next level with a Shaw Solar Backup System.

For those with an existing grid-tied system, all we’d need to do is add an appropriately sized battery pack (see options below), and in some cases an additional inverter/charger.

And if long-term energy independence is a requirement, we can also install a generator.


Shaw Solar is now a Goal Zero dealer. We recommend the Yeti backup power unit when folks have modest backup power needs. Plus, you can take it with you while car camping!


LG Chem makes a robust, 10 kWh Lithium Ion battery that operates in conjunction with the SolarEdge StorEdge Inverter Series. These batteries provide a variety of functionality, including home backup, the ability to maximize self-consumption (with solar), and time-of-use rate flexibility.


And who hasn’t heard of the Tesla Powerwall? This 14 kWh Lithium Ion battery has the additional benefit of a built-in inverter, which allows us to install it with or without solar. Uses include home backup and maximizing self-consumption.


Finally, there is good old fashioned lead acid technology. We use lead acid batteries for off-grid applications and large, whole-home backup.