Testimonials from our Solar Friends


"i knew i had the right company"

“We chose Shaw Solar to install our PV system in January 2009 and have been more than pleased with our choice. Since our installation we have seen our monthly electric bill all but eliminated, and in our first year we have kept 10,436 lbs. of carbon out of the atmosphere. We felt confident from the start in choosing Shaw Solar when John quickly appeared to evaluate our site gave a comprehensive bid, and had the job completed on time. At the completion of the job I knew we went with the right company when Dusty (John’s employee) thanked me for going solar. That told me they were not just employees, but were dedicated to alternative energy and the benefits of same. It also feels good having a LPEA bumper sticker that says, “My Meter Spins Backwards.”

– Frank and Charlotte Klein

"john & his staff went out of their way"

“We couldn’t be happier with our new 6 kW PV system and its installation. John Shaw provided a turnkey system designed to meet our particular needs, including managing all approvals and rebate paperwork, with efficiency, courtesy, and honesty – no game playing whatsoever. You don’t need to know anything about solar energy to be safe in John’s hands. John and his staff went out of their way to work with us on preserving natural vegetation under and around the ground-mounted collectors – sage, yucca, snowberry, mountain mahogany. I go out every morning to admire the result. The collectors almost look as if they grew there.Installation went without a hitch. John cooperated with my excavation, concrete and electrical subcontractors. A quality performance in all regards.

We have already recommended Shaw Solar to others. The project was indeed a pleasure.”

— Jim Mills, Professor Emeritus, FLC

"Top notch, class act, honest & reputable"

“Shaw Solar, from my experience is all about being complete professionals. John Shaw, Dusty, and Allen are all super-pro, clean, neat, considerate, and attentive to details.They installed solar panels for our restaurant’s hot water needs and followed up with a PV system to help with our electricity usage. From knowledge and up-to-date information on grants and incentives, system planning, to installation, implementation, and follow-up, they are completely on top of it.

Top notch, class act, honest, and reputable, what more could you ask for, your LPEA meter spinning backwards??? Well, that happens too.”

— Tim Turner, Zia Taqueria

"you can count on shaw solar"

“The journey begins with your desire for conscious energy use. From their office to your rooftop, you can count on Shaw Solar to deliver on their word and on their installation.

John Shaw’s personal integrity and deep knowledge of his field manifest in all of his relationships … family, friends, staff, and clients. We’re so pleased with our PV system at home in Durango that we are installing a larger (100% of electrical needs) PV system at Deer Hill, the base camp for our expedition company in Mancos.”

— Doug and Beverly Capelin

"Shaw’s professionalism and workmanship are superb"

“John Shaw’s professionalism and workmanship are superb. He installed panels on the south facing roof of our home and the dial has been spinning backwards ever since when the sun shines. And, shine it does!

The snow slides off so fast in the winter that we’re back making electricity quicker than we could imagine. He was great to work with, very knowledgeable and clear about the job, on time, answered our questions when the work was planned and done and now afterwards, a fine person.”

— Sally and Vic Bellerue

"it's great to Watch the meter go backwards"

“Shaw Solar installed our PV system in 2009 and we continually experience the satisfaction of knowing that we are contributing in our small way toward the health of this planet.

It’s great to watch the meter arrow move in a reverse direction and to see how many pounds of carbon dioxide we are saving. This is an opportune time to implement such an endeavor with the income tax credit. Our income tax refund was wonderful to receive.

We highly recommend John and Dusty for the installation of your solar energy system.”

— Mary Ellen and Lenny


"Our experience with shaw solar was perfect"

“Shaw Solar is one of the best contractors we have ever had. A few months before Shaw Solar was to start a 3kW grid-tied installation for us, we collectively picked with John a construction start date and finish date. John and his crew confirmed these dates with us a couple of weeks before construction actually began. Then they actually arrived and began work on the scheduled date! If you deal with contractors you will know that this rarely happens.

John and his crew were very well organized. The work site was kept tidy, the team was very friendly, and the quality of the work was first rate. The system was turned on and began producing electricity exactly on the date John said work would be complete. We are really pleased with our PV system, and our experience with Shaw Solar was perfect.”

— Karen McIntire and Mike Nettles

"if you need a solar system, shaw solar is your best choice"

“Working with John and his crew has been a great experience. From John working with me to optimize the overall design and budget through the final stages of start up, the professionalism and attention to detail of Shaw Solar has been consistent.

The Shaw team is always willing to explain what they are doing and to offer ways to improve the final outcome. Along the way, we had some challenges and a lot of fun. If you need a solar system, PV or thermal, Shaw Solar is your best choice!”

— Jim Hoffman

"shaw solar is who you should be working with"

“A lot of people want to geek out on their solar systems, desperately hoping someone will engage them in a conversation about how many kilowatts their system produces. For my wife and I, we simply wanted to produce most of our own power and finally put our money where our mouths are and stop contributing to the climate crisis.

To be honest our philosophy for the new solar system on our studio was simple. Set it and forget it! Shaw Solar helped us do just that. They were happy to engage in a solar geek out session and definitely provided us with every opportunity to learn but what we really valued was their ability to work with us, listen to what we wanted and needed and get the project done quickly and efficiently.

They helped us build a system that did all we wanted and even helped us resolve a number of other heating, plumbing and electrical issues. If you want to “quit paying the man” but you don’t want to spend your whole life worrying about it, Shaw Solar is who you should be working with.”

— Michael Carroll and Bethany Bachmann