The Shaw Solar Crew


John Shaw
Owner/Master Electrician.  

Although he’s been the lead designer and installer on hundreds of systems for Shaw Solar, John most enjoys building relationships with his clients and working to find the right solutions for their individual needs. In addition to a long history installing solar, John has completed 3 Advanced PV courses from COSEIA, SMA’s Technical inverter class and is a NABCEP Certified Photovoltaic Installer. John is the only solar contractor in the state of Colorado to hold both a Master Plumber and Master Electrician’s license. When not installing solar, John might be found in the Silverton backcountry in winter, rafting the San Juan in the spring, or wrestling with his two little girls in the summer grass.


Dusty Bender
Operations Manager.  

Dusty was raised in Alaska where he thought everyone knew how to shoot a gun and operate heavy equipment by the time they were 13. A man of many skills, he has done biomedical research at the National Institute of Health, been a wild land firefighter, heavy equipment operator in the oil industry in Alaska, massage therapist, and a carpenter with 18 years experience. In addition, Dusty is a registered residential electrician with the state of Colorado and has completed COSEIA’s advanced PV class, SMA’s technical inverter class and is a NABCEP certified installer.Since joining Shaw Solar in 2007, Dusty has installed over 35 photovoltaic and solar thermal systems with pride and efficiency. He graduated from Fort Lewis with a BS in cellular/molecular biology and a minor in chemistry. When not working, he enjoys spending time with his wife, exploring the mediums of wood and metal, gardening, drinking Yerba mate and pushing his physical and mental boundaries through mountain biking, backcountry skiing and rock climbing.


Allen Riling
Senior Project Manager

Allen began his love for the environment swimming in the crystal clear lakes of Northern Michigan. Working side by side with his father he learned the value of quality craftsmanship and the importance of always searching for a better way to do things. In turn, this progressed from carpentry to green building and on to renewable energy. Joining Shaw Solar in 2008, Allen brings 10 years experience in solar and renewable energy including solar thermal systems, passive solar design and photovoltaics. He has completed COSEIA’s advanced PV class and SMA’s technical inverter class. Allen is a NABCEP Certified PV Installer and a Colorado Residential Wireman.  During his play time, Allen can be found fixing up his old house, rock climbing in the Utah desert, on a long route in the Black Canyon of the Gunnison, or romping around the San Juan mountains outside of Durango looking for adventure.


Scott Archer
Lead Installer

Scott is a NABCEP certified PV Installation Professional and holds a Bachelors degree in Civil, Environmental and Sustainable Energy Engineering from University College Cork in Cork, Ireland where he attended college for four years. Having worked as a design engineer during and after college, Scott found the desk life to be monotonous and unrewarding. Eventually he moved to Breckenridge, CO for the endurance sports and high altitude. After nearly four years in Breckenridge, Scott moved to Durango for its relatively milder climate. Scott is currently building a modest net-zero home in La Plata County.  Apart from installing solar, Scott’s skills include concrete and timber construction, engineering design, project management and drafting. He is also on the US Ski-Mountaineering team, where he competes on the European World Cup circuit in the winter.


Michael Ellis
Business Operations and Finance

After learning about solar from the ground up at Solar Energy International in Carbondale, Mike joined the Shaw Solar family in 2010 as our PV systems monitoring specialist. He has since expanded his role to include system design and educating anyone who will listen about solar-electric systems. Mike has also fulfilled the requirements for the NABCEP Technical Sales Certification. Prior to joining Shaw Solar, Mike developed volunteer training programs for the Athens, Torino and Vancouver Olympic games. His growing interest in renewable energy was sparked by his time spent balancing the energy needs on his 34′ sailboat, which he and his family sailed to Alaska and back. And if you’ve ever dreamed of sailing to Alaska with a 4-year old on board, Mike would urge you to give him a call first…Mike was one of the first to build a passive solar Straw Bale home in La Plata County, and installed a 10 kW grid-direct PV array for his all-electric home, which he hopes will provide 100% of his family’s electrical needs long into the future.

Gregg Dubit
Solar Sales Consultant

Gregg Dubit hails from the Washington DC area and has been living in La Plata County for approximately 25 years. Gregg is truly living the ‘Mountain Town Dream Life’, with two kids, a lot of dogs and multiple jobs. Gregg and his wife own and operate the Durango Dog Ranch offering mushing adventures in the winter months.

Gregg has a degree in Forest Resource Management from the University of New Hampshire, as well as a Secondary Science Education Certification from Fort Lewis College. Gregg was the executive Director at 4CORE (Four Corners Office for Resource Efficiency) and is a nationally certified Building Analyst with the Building Performance Institute (

Gregg has been with Shaw Solar since November of 2014. “We invested in Solar PV on our home with John Shaw in October of 2013 and we haven’t looked back. I look forward to helping you save energy and money on your home or business.”