Commercial Financial Incentives


At Shaw Solar, we pride ourselves on staying current with the latest commercial opportunities and incentives at the local, state, and federal levels – an ever-changing landscape.

These attractive financial incentives can greatly reduce the cost of installing a solar PV system. However, as the cost of installing a system decreases over time, so will the incentives. Incentives and credits are meant as a temporary measure to lower the cost of renewable energy systems so they can compete with conventional energy sources. Now is the time to take advantage of these incentives.

The paper maze to access these rebates and incentives can be confusing at best. Shaw Solar will handle all the paperwork required for the LPEA rebate, and is happy to discuss the potential commercial tax advantages of going solar.

In addition, as of 2014, we are the only local solar contractor to successfully apply for and receive USDA Rural Energy for America Program grant funding for 31 of our projects.

Commercial Solar PV Incentives:

Federal: A 30% Investment Tax Credit, Accelerated Depreciation, Loan Interest Deduction (if applicable) and possible USDA grant funds may be available.