Our Simple Process


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We take a look at your roof and energy usage to determine how many panels you'll need. We then generate a proposal - at no cost to you - detailing your custom design and its cost. It will also show energy savings over time, return on investment, and payment options.



If you decide to move forward, a small deposit is all we need. Typical installs only take 2-4 days and are non-invasive. Just a few of our installation crew members and one of our trucks. 

BONUS: We handle all the permitting and help you secure a loan should you decide to finance your system.
(more on that HERE)



Once your installation is complete, we schedule the final inspections and help you activate your system. We'll also set you up with a monitoring tool that allows you to track your systems health and performance. 



With your system up and running, simply sit back, relax and enjoy the fact that you are taking advantage of our sunny Southwest skies, increasing your home's value and buffering yourself from future utility rate hikes. 

How Grid-Tied Solar Power Works

The main components of any solar PV installation are the solar panels and the inverter, which converts the DC power the panels make into AC power and sends it into your electric panel for your home to use.

The main components of a solar PV installation. Click to enlarge.

At night, or any time when the solar isn’t covering 100% of your energy needs, you’ll pull electricity from the utility grid just like normal. This shift from solar to grid power happens seamlessly, so you won't notice any difference (besides a way cheaper utility bill!) and there's no need to change your daily habits.

Here’s the cool part: When your solar is making more energy than your home needs at any given time, the excess flows back into the utility grid, spinning your meter backwards. The utility tracks how much you give them and holds onto it, or "banks" it for you. The next time you need to pull from their grid, they serve that banked electricity back to you AT NO COST. This process of tracking what you send in and take out of the grid is called Net Metering, and it happens all year long. If at the end of a yearly cycle, you've given the utility more than you've needed back, they pay you for the excess.



Battery Storage

Batteries are an awesome way to maximize your solar’s potential and achieve complete energy independence. We are the leading battery storage experts in SW Colorado and would love to discuss the cutting-edge options available to you in the ever-evolving battery market.


Electric Vehicle Charger

Planning to buy an electric vehicle? Already own one? Make sure you are charging it with solar power rather than the mostly-coal grid power we have here in SW Colorado. We are certified Charge Point and Tesla Charging installers and would love to incorporate one into your solar setup.

The Products We Use

Highest Quality AT COMPETITive prices

Shaw Solar has elected to be a member of an innovative national co-op comprised of regional solar companies from around the country. By being a member, we’re able to pool purchasing power and offer Tier 1 equipment at lower prices — passing that savings on to you. It also means we have a pulse on the latest & greatest in the solar industry, as well as the best practices nationally, all while staying a small local business.

Having worked with a variety of solar products over the last 20 years, we have some very specific ideas about which ones work well together - and which ones don’t. When we select the appropriate panel and inverter combination for your installation, our goal is to find the most efficient and cost-effective setup available given your roof space. And if your criteria includes American-Made, we can provide that option as well.



We only install panels that are rated Tier 1, have been tested to the highest standards and are warranted to produce at least 80% of their rated power after 25 years. We also only work with diversified manufacturers to ensure in the unlikely event you have to make a warranty claim, the company will still be in business.




Shaw Solar works closely with a number of inverter manufacturers, including SMA, Solar Edge, and Enphase. These are all manufactured in the USA, and SMA inverters for the US market are manufactured in Denver. 



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What's include in the evaluation: a roof assessment, a customized system design, and a calculation of your savings and return on investment, plus a breakdown of payment options. No hassle, no commitment.